We bring the transport business to you!

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We bring the transport business to you!

eLoad offers an online service that matches customer transport needs with your service capabilities. Clients that need quotes for transport services submit their requirements online, and you find cargos that match your transport services, providing online quotes to the customers. The customer then compares the different quotes received by different transporters, and the select a service provider. Their decision may be based on the cheapest quote or availability.

eLoad is easy to use. The only cost involved is a small matching fee that will be charged once a client has accepted your quotation. There is no risk involved, you as the transport company will only pay for this service once you receive a transport opportunity through eLoad. The matching fee is based on credits available from eLoad which can be bought on line from your profile if registered; one credit will cost R 100. Remember - credits will only be deducted from your profile once the client has accepted your quotation. Below you will find the cost breakdown for the matching fees charged by eLoad:

Quotation value below R 4000.00 = 1 Credit

Quotation value between R 4000.00-R 6000.00 = 2 Credits

Quotation value between R 6000.00-R 8000.00 = 3 Credits

Quotation value between R 8000.00-R 10 000.00 = 4 Credits

Quotation value from R 10 000.00 upwards = 5 Credits

Quotation value includes the GIT value if applicable.

Why eLoad is the solution for your business:

  • Grow your transport businessess

    eLoad has been designed to work for you, no need to search for business if are registered with eLoad. It is one central market place where you as the transporter can search, quote and plan your transport business ahead by using the eLoad system.

  • Receive notifications for logistic needs

    With eLoad you’ll never miss an opportunity. Once a customer lists their logistic needs on our website, we send out email or sms alerts to all freight company listings that match the services needed by the customer.

  • Manage your quotes and bookings online

    Placing a quote online takes no more than a few minutes, simplifying your life, as you are able to keep track of all your quotes and customer bookings.

  • Fill those empty trucks

    By using eLoad, you can search in detail for loads which suite your business needs in all parts of South Africa and even border-countries.

  • Improve your service

    The team at eLoad will provide statistical data on how competitive you are in the transport market; these statistics will illustrate how successful you are when quoting on all the types of transport you do. The feedback from the clients will also be provided to the transport to improve their quality of service and be more favorable in the public eye. All info supplied by eLoad is confidential and no other transporter or client can view your statistics, it will be handled by eLoad as strictly confidential.