What you want to know

How does eLoad work?

Anyone who is looking at having something moved, couriered or transported, is able to list his or her cargo load on eLoad – in just a few simple steps. All you need to specify is what you want transported, the origin and the destination thereof, and when you need it transported. Our listed network of transport companies will be notified of your request. eLoad will then provide online quotes for your logistic needs. When you find a quote that’s to your liking, just accept and your load is on it’s way! eLoad will be in contact with the client and update them when quotations are uploaded for their request.

What can I list for transport on eLoad?

Your options are endless! Ranging from commercial freight, vehicles and livestock to household goods, parcels and packages and everything in between, we’ll find the logistics solution you need. Simply list your load online, and we’ll alert the relevant transport providers

How does payment work?

Clients who request quotations do not pay - the service is for free. The transport company only pays a matching fee for the service that eLoad provides for their service. The transport company will only pay when a client accepts their quotation.

What if I don't know the weight or dimensions of my load?

That’s not an issue. Just tick the "unsure of item weight or dimensions" box, and we’ll ensure that the transporter is fully aware of this. The transport company can contact eLoad for assistance if more info is needed to provide an accurate quotation.

What happens after I've accepted a quote from a transport provider?

The client’s details are sent by eLoad to the transport company, the transport company will then contact the client to confirm the arrangements.

How do I register on eLoad?

Well, just Click Here! Register as a transport company if you want to supply quotations to clients.

Is my load insured?

Insurance will need to be arranged with the transporter directly. Although some transporters offer insurance as standard, some do not. Part of the transporter search eLoad will match your load value to their load value transport capabilities.

How do I get more quotes?

By submitting as much information as possible about your freight, you will receive more quotes online. This process makes quoting so much easier!

Am I obliged to choose a quote?

Of course not. It is entirely up to you.

How long does it take to get quotes?

You should get a number of transport quotes within a couple of days. If more details are supplied by the client, the quicker the transport company can supply an accurate quote.

Will I receive quality service from a transport company?

eLoad will be supplying the feedback that they have given by their clients. This service is truly to assist the transport company to improve their service to the clients of eLoad.