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About Us

Welcome to eLoad, where we take the weight off your shoulders.

Get instant quotes on all transport and logistics services in South Africa.

Receive an instant quote on :

  • Freight quotes
  • Truck transport quotes
  • Long Haul quotes
  • Container transport quotes
  • House moving quotes
  • and any transport quote you can think of.

eLoad focuses on providing the best possible service at the best price to our customers. The eLoad website is designed to make getting a logistics quote a lot simpler and quicker than doing it manually – and it is absolutely free! After discovering how time consuming it is to get quote after quote online, we decided to fill the gap in the South African market, bringing the quotes to you!

With the objective of providing customers with an easy to use online service, eLoad was launched with the added benefit of being free! eLoad allows customers to easily acquire transport quotes at no charge - online, and with minimal effort.

Request a quote now for your transport need 

eLoad customers are able to upload dimensions or any other specifications about their cargo load, minimizing any possibility of confusion between the customer and the transport company. Once a quote has been accepted, the communication continues between the customer and the transporter.

eLoad has expertise in acquiring transport quotes for the widest variety of modes of transporting freight. Our great reputation enables us to meet the needs of any size customer, offering a platform of freight transport suppliers at the simple click of a button.

From packages, containers and household goods to livestock and everything in between, we get the transport quotes to you! We understand the importance of getting competitive quotes for delivering your cargo – that is why we are here to simplify the process, saving you your much-valued time.

For any queries, please feel free to follow this link to the contact us page.

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